Fiji Helicopter Transfer is a hassle-free internal helicopter flight in and around Fiji Resorts, Fiji Hotels and Fiji Islands which normally operates from the airport. If you are traveling to the outer islands the best and the quickest way to get there is on a chopper from Pacific Island Air where it only takes a few minutes and the views are simply unbelievable. It is just so good out there on these waters which is so pretty clear. Because the Sea Beds are so white in this part of the world you treated to the bluest of waters, the coral reefs further out to the sea are a great surfing break and keep the beach waters calm. These islands which you can see are the perfect spot for any snorkeling and diving. We get many people coming out here on a Fiji Holiday they are always happy and getting to flip them over this beautiful scenery we never get sick of it. When you fly over those Fiji Resorts you`ll be able to see some of the best beaches in Fiji. If you plan your Fiji Wedding in any of those islands we can make things happen quickly and smoothly with our flights.

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Fiji Helicopter Transfer

  • Adult (Price Valid Till 31 Mar 2019)
    FJD .00
  • Child 2 to 12 years (Price Valid Till 31 Mar 2019)
    FJD .00
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