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We are offering to our guests quality accommodation, interesting and exciting excursions and adventure tours / island cruises, and very personal service and support to our many valued clients worldwide, we cordially invite you to visit our new and comprehensive website … your portal to discovering the magic of this magnificent country that we call Fiji.
We have included information that goes beyond general holiday suggestions. This section is addressed to visitors to our country who expect much more from their holidays than “just relaxing on the beaches.” We feel that creating this feature is an obligation dictated by the love and respect that we have for our country, which is naturally extended to those of you who wish to become better and more deeply acquainted with it.
We want to offer you, the visitors to our site and eventually to our country,
more than just a cursory look at your holiday options.
We want you to fall in love!!!

Our Promises

We hope that you will find among these pages all the information needed to plan your next holiday to Fiji.  We have tried to be both concise and comprehensive, and we have included some features especially for first-time visitors to this beautiful country.  Our “frequently asked questions” section is designed to be both helpful and instructive, and we believe that it covers the most important aspects for choosing your destination and planning your trip.

In the event that we have overlooked something, we would love to hear from you with your comments and/or suggestions.  And, of course, if there is any question that you may have about the contents of the site, or a place within Fiji that is not included here, we hope that you will contact us for more information.
Seabeds Fiji is a full Accommodation, Tours & Cruise provider established in 2016 in the region of Nadi, Fiji.Based on our steady growth, we started everything in Nadi, which became the base of our operations since 2016; and have grown tremendously in a short period of time.

We have managed to expand our activities; our range of services is now offered not only for Nadi and Coral Coast, but throughout the entire country, both islands and mainland. Our services extend to all of the beautiful and most popular parts of Fiji, including Viti Levu, the largest island of Fiji, which is the backbone of Fiji Islands.

One of our main areas of activity is representing foreign tour operators and travel agencies, primarily from all of the European countries, and Australia, China, India, Singapore and the US.  We work closely together in producing a successful tailor-made marketplace.  

Another major aspect of our business is specializing in tailoring individually organized trips for various groups of clientele with special needs, such as honeymooners, senior citizens, incentive trips, etc.

Services We Deliver:


Comprehensive range from deluxe 5-star hotels to basic self-catering rooms, deluxe, studios, dorms, apartments

Tour Services

Utilizing our own vehicles, as well as collaborating with the tour companies for personalized service. Choose from an antique luxury car to a Mercedes to a 4 wheel drive or to anything you want or need for getting from one place to another.

 Sports Travel   

If you enjoy staying active we can help with everything from the Bolt`s Run to the Olympic Marathon, perhaps a bike tour might be more your speed or even a hike up Mountain.    


We offer a wide range of cruises from a few hours to a few weeks. Join us on an amazing sail with grilled meal on board, a beach barbeque, a luxury cruise to 7 islands or just sail the open seas with a chartered yacht.

VIP Services

Private tours, luxury cars, helicopter travel and yacht charter are just a few of the many VIP Services we offer discreetly to our guests.

Special Service

If you are looking for something special and different, we have the ability to plan just about anything you want, anywhere in Fiji.  Special service includes religious tours, cooking tours etc  

If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact us at Seabeds Fiji, send us email at book@seabedsfiji.com or  seabedsfiji@gmail.com or on PH: +6799418665.  Our experienced staff are professional, courteous, fast, multilingual and efficient; and we are here to serve all of  your travel needs here in Fiji or abroad.